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If you are doing business or have connections between other countries and the United States, you are inevitably exposed to the United States international tax rules. As usual, the definition of connections is very broad. For example, if you are a Chinese citizen and made a trip to the United States to conduct the business, you could be subject to the United States tax reporting and vice versa, if you are a United States person, you must report your certain offshore activities on time to the IRS. If no compliance, the IRS fines and penalties are severe and could be thousands of dollars at a minimum.

However, there is nothing to worry about if you work with us, an experienced international tax expert. We have successfully helped our clients identify the international tax reporting items, tax incentive opportunities such as taking foreign tax credits to abate the United States tax liabilities and structure tax efficient operation structures, etc. On the other hand, there are many tax incentives provided by the United States. For example, the United States will actually give your money as an incentive to do certain business. Based on our experiences, the benefits and opportunities the United States provides to you are far more overweight than the tax cost if any.

By working with us you will enjoy all the benefits of free market in the United States but also have a piece of mind of navigating through the complicated tax rules and regulations.
Please see below for a list of services we provide related to the United States International tax matters.

International Tax Compliance

We worked with our inbound (foreign person doing business inside the United States) and outbound (The United States person doing business outside of the United States) clients and mapped out their operation footprints to conclude their specific United States International tax reporting requirements, such as withholding tax (Form 1042, Form 8288,Form 8805), foreign bank account reporting - FBAR(Form 114), foreign account tax compliance act (FATCA) report (Form 8938, Form 8957, Form 8966), United States person owned foreign entity report (Form 5471, Form 8858, Form 8865, Form 1116.) With years of experiences in international tax reporting, the quality of our International tax compliance service is one of the best in this region.

International Tax Consulting

We have successfully helped our clients on structuring their respective foreign related transactions, such as acquisition, disposition and liquidation activities and modeling out various tax impact scenarios on such transactions. In general, any significant changes on your business operations will have certain tax impact. It is very important to get your tax accountants involved early to avoid any surprises on the tax cost of such transactions. Please contact us if you have any operation changes or transactions, we will help you identify related tax cost and reporting requirements to make sure you are not only aware of the tax exposures but also how to manage the risks.

The Internal Revenue Service International Tax Audits

If you did not file your international tax related returns correctly, you could face severe fines and penalties. However, if your mistake is not willful, you have an opportunity to fix your mistakes. We have helped our clients amend their incorrectly filed international tax returns to fully comply with their respective United States international tax reporting requirements and minimize their tax reporting liabilities.

International Tax Treaty Benefits Analysis

To avoid additional tax burden on cross border businesses, the United States has signed treaties with many countries, such as China and many other counterparties in the world. In general, such treaties provide huge benefits or tax relief if you are doing business or have connections between the treaty countries. We are the treaty expert and have helped many our clients to take the full benefits of treaties to minimize their tax liabilities.

EB-5 Investor Tax services

High-net-worth investors who hold or are considering to hold EB-5 visas can greatly benefit from our excellent, professional domestic and international tax planning and compliance services.

On the day you are granted conditional permanent resident status via EB-5 application, your US tax status changes from foreign person to the person same as US citizen and your worldwide income is subject to US tax. The change is significant and we highly recommend you to contact us to discuss about your new US tax filing requirements.

As an accounting and tax advisory firm, we are very experienced and have successfully assisted many EB-5 visa holders transition into US tax filings and provided tax planning strategies to streamline tax reporting for their respective worldwide business operations.

Our comprehensive EB-5 investor tax services include:

  • Individual tax planning including tax transaction analysis, merger and acquisition;
  • Estate planning;
  • Individual tax compliance reporting;
  • International tax services;
  • IRS representation;
  • State and local tax planning and compliance;
  • Documenting lawful source of EB-5 Funds;
  • Partnership taxation and Schedule K-1 preparation for EB-5 investors;
  • Determining and assisting with the U.S. withholding requirements for EB-5 investors;
  • Review and analysis of applicable tax treaties.

Why we are the best!

Our group provides tax strategies which include tailored US analysis to assist clients who are considering investing in US markets or becoming a US resident.   The service includes information about how to conduct Business in US, tax registration and reporting assistance, US tax audit assistance.  We will be there for you on the 1st day when you create US tax presence and cover all tax and accounting reporting you are obligated to.

We customize a best-in-class service for global investors. Leveraging our well-established processes, protocols and experiences allow us to deliver compliance and reporting services in a consistent manner while adhering to the varied US regulatory requirements.

Most of all we will help you efficiently manage your total US tax liabilities.